Hellboy for Sketch Dailies

Like I need an excuse to draw Hellboy

My main OC, and she’s finally in COLOR!!

Pokeshaming Venomoth

Pokemon Trainer Portrait of Kelly<3 and her Banette

Super fun to do, I love you baby doll <3

Gouache with a little bit of digital.

Kids love GREP we all love GRE-*HACK*HACK *WHOOPING COUGH*

Submitted this to the Game Grumps Fan Showcase that Suzy’s putting together

Also bonus little Icon of me as a grump head:

I got an ask from Abed :D cool, cool cool cool!

But seriously, thanks la-arana-discoteca! for the request from the palette challenge!!

Keep em comin!!

Nick requested my most anticipated newcomer, with a palette from this challenge, and I felt the need to draw both of em: Rosalina and Greninja.

More on the way, but feel free to KEEP EM COMIN

Kelly requested a Unicorn with #12 from this challenge



Another piece from this palette challenge

Kelly requested JonTron 

Send me some more!!

Scarlett Witch from this challenge.Thanks Seayum for the requestSEND ME MOAR!!

Scarlett Witch from this challenge.

Thanks Seayum for the request