Just ordered new business cards. Should be ready in time for IlluXcon.

aw yeah!

Hellboy for Sketch Dailies

Like I need an excuse to draw Hellboy

My main OC, and she’s finally in COLOR!!

Pokeshaming Venomoth

Pokemon Trainer Portrait of Kelly<3 and her Banette

Super fun to do, I love you baby doll <3

Gouache with a little bit of digital.

Kids love GREP we all love GRE-*HACK*HACK *WHOOPING COUGH*

Submitted this to the Game Grumps Fan Showcase that Suzy’s putting together

Also bonus little Icon of me as a grump head:

I got an ask from Abed :D cool, cool cool cool!

But seriously, thanks la-arana-discoteca! for the request from the palette challenge!!

Keep em comin!!

Nick requested my most anticipated newcomer, with a palette from this challenge, and I felt the need to draw both of em: Rosalina and Greninja.

More on the way, but feel free to KEEP EM COMIN

Kelly requested a Unicorn with #12 from this challenge



Another piece from this palette challenge

Kelly requested JonTron 

Send me some more!!