Hellboy, Batman, and Sandman.

Just Finished this up for Hellboy’s 20th, Batman’s 75th, and Sandman The Overture. Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to make this piece for years, pretty happy with how it turned out.

So, I just realized that I never put up my finished Senior Thesis from Uarts (ELY). Concept art for a video game wherein you use futuristic weaponry to destroy ancient mythical beasts and legends, serving as a metaphor for the wheels of progress.

His Last Vow: A Summary

His Last Vow: A Summary

These are my first five pieces for the Pokedexember Challenge.
Day 1: Fav Bug type: Joltic
Day 2: Fav Dark type: Greninja
Day 3: Fav Dragon type: Kingdra
Day 4: Fav Electric type: Electivire
Day 5: Fav Fairy Type: Xerneas

Until now I’ve been posting them on my instagram unfinished, but I think I’ll put them a few at a time up here and color anyones that I like.

Something for Self Portrait day, and Dia De Los Muertos simultaneously.

"Out of ten… eleven!"

-Matt Smith Doctor Who Portrait

Darth Vader


Batman and Robin DKR vignette, Ink and Photoshop.

Hey, this is the first time I’ve ever drawn Robin… wow. at least I picked a good one. 

The Swedish Murder Machine

Philly Draw-a-thon sketch of Brock Samson I colored in digitally.